certonLOG - Data collection

certonLOG collects the data via OPC-UA.
This universal software interface ensures safe connection with a wide range of PLC and SCADA systems.

certonLOG can be installed on the PC of the machine or on an external computer, which makes its integration e.g. in the case of retrofitting and modernization easy.

certonLOG saves the data per recording unit in a SQL database file. This makes later data archiving easier, as the data can conveniently be transferred to the archive server by copy/move.


A csv table allows easy configuring of the data that is to be recorded by certonLOG. All entries are always logged with the date, time, old and new value and the current user. Furthermore, the recording moment can be selected freely (cyclic, at the beginning, at the end, in case of a change, etc.).



Data point is logged at the start of the recording.


Data point is logged at the end of the recording. 



Data point is continuously logged with a definable sampling rate.




Dead band:        Minimum required change for logging.

Scanning rate:   Time between value examinations.


Data point is recorded for rising edge.


Data point is recorded for falling edge.